Once Upon a Time - Episode 3.03 - Quite a Common Fairy - Promotional Photos (2)

3x01 Heart of the Truest Believer - Screen Shots

OUAF Editor Gareth Hughes joins TV Fanatic to discuss Tinkerbell, decide if the Blue Fairy was justified or just mean and if even the Evil Queen deserves to be redeemed.

One of the Top TV Couples of the Year! #OutlawQueen

Episode 314: The Tower Once Upon A Time Season 3 Pictures & Character Photos - ABC.com

"Is it just me or the blue fairy a total bitch…"< previous pinned said this and I totally agree!

Anton the Giant and Jack. (Yes, Jack is a girl in OUAT world)

Check these out! ComingSoon.net has released early photos of Elsa & Kristoff on the set of ABC's Once Upon A Time. We're excited to see how the producers "twist" the Frozen storyline. Season 4 of #OnceUponATime premieres on Sunday, September 28. Click on the photo to see more. #BehindTheScenes #bts #Frozen

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"Word to the wise: next time, don't underestimate me." Ruka after Damon threatens her

We Are Both - New Sheriff in Town

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