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Adverbs vs. Adjectives Game

"Anybody can become an educator, but you have to be born to teach."

24" Burlap Apple Teacher Wreath

This is a 24 wreath with a chalkboard in the center to write something for the class or even a teachers name. Please allow a few extra days for it to be made, thank you.

Character Archetypes Posters and Graphic Organizers

Teach mythological archetypes and the epic hero journey cycle with examples from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and other popular literature. These look great printed as posters for a bulletin board or projected onto a whiteboard for your lesson ($)

30 Classroom Management Routines and Procedures Middle High School

Routines + procedures focuses on clarity, relevance, common sense, and big-picture thinking. Three designs: whitewashed fence, gold glitter, and brick. You can choose to hand out pre-printed procedures, a form which requires students to write the procedures, large or small print, plus task cards are provided if you want to hand the procedures out individually of one another. Everything is editable so you can revise to fit your needs.