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15 Animals Who Wish They Were Still This Cute

the cute natural duck face I remember my mom bought me some baby ducks as pet. Love you Mom!

Kid with a duckling - From the 100 of the cutest animal photos  #goatvet says how cute

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Bunny and duckling - interspecies friendship.   Opposites attract and these animal odd couples prove it! Nat Geo Wild's "Unlikely Animal Friends" has returned for its fourth season on Feb. 27, 2015 and they're more aww-inducing than ever before! Despite the odds, this teeny tiny bunny rabbit made friends with this adorable little duckling. (hva)

Animal Odd Couples: Unlikely friendships in the Animal Kingdom

Fur and Feathers by Claire Llewellyn. Part of the brand-new Kingfisher Readers series, this colorful title features photographs of mammals and birds and text that describes the differences between them.


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Really cool shot of a duckling!

I love watching ducks& little feet flap in the water when they& swimming. It makes me so happy.

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I want to have a duckling for my birthday! I was just surfing the net when I came across this picture of a baby mallard. Isn& it the cutest duckling you& ever seen? So want a pet duckling! But then I& need a house to go with it. & I h