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Order yours today!!! Amp MD Roller bethmonteith.myRandF.com

Order yours today!!! Amp MD Roller bethmonteith.myRandF.com

AMP MD Roller with Night Restoring Serum. Rodan and Fields. Skin Needling

What is this thing? You can have on of the greatest little spa tools in skin care - Rodan + Fields Amp MD Roller. Clinically proven to help your skin appear firmer and make your lines and wrinkles less noticeable. YOU'LL SEE RESULTS! Ask me how you can g

As we age, our collagen production decreases. Collagen is necessary to keep our skin youthful and healthy. Our brain functions by sending collagen to injuries for repair. The Rodan+Fields Amp MD Roller contains micro needles, constructed of surgical steel. "Rolling" your skin nightly, fakes trauma, causing the brain to send collagen to that area. Followed by the Redefine night Renewing serum, amazing results can be obtained!  ShannonLeeRandF@gmail.com

AMP up your regimen by as much as with the AMP MD roller. This tiny micro needles help increase collagen production and therefor decrease wrinkles!

Spring for a Skin Gadget: 30 Days to Gorgeous Mom Style. Rodan + Fields AMP MD Microexfoliating Roller and Serum, $200, provides noninvasive exfoliation and tightening. http://beautymommy.com/

Spring for a Skin Gadget: 30 Days to Gorgeous Mom Style

Our patent-pending REDEFINE AMP MD™ System includes the noninvasive AMP MD Micro-Exfoliating Roller and REDEFINE Night Renewing Serum. The AMP MD System utilizes micro-exfoliation roller technology for visibly advanced skin-firming benefits.

Interesting fact... in our mid-20's, collagen production begins to decrease, in our 30's it slows by 1% each year, and by 40, collagen deteriorates faster than it can be produced.  But here's some good news! Rodan + Fields' AMP MD Roller and Night Renewing Serum are clinically proven to safely and effectively amp up your daily skincare routine for a firmer more youthful-looking appearance.   I was SO SKEPTICAL of this little plastic tool but I have seen it give amazing result

The dermatologists who developed the acne regimen, ProActiv, have developed anti-aging skincare products!

This is literally the best product ever I use it every night! Email me at Martha.surles@yahoo.com for more info!

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Rodan + Fields - spanx for your face! Firm your skin and fight wrinkles by using the AMP MD Roller

I Love the Amp MD Roller  Think Rodan+Fields can only fight wrinkles on your face? Think again! Look at this client's results using our AMP MD roller (lasts for 1 year!) and Night Renewing Serum (my fave)!  Both products come in the Amp MD System, or with the REDEFINE AMP It Up special or REVERSE AMP It Up special.  Don't forget our 60 day, empty bottle, money back guarantee! Let me help you get started!

Look at the difference in this before and after! Her skin is glowing, smooth, and less red all from using the AMP MD roller and Night Renewing Serum. Are you ready for great skin?

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists Better Than Botox. The AMP MD roller. www.face2face.myrandf.com

Rodan + Fields Anti Age Night Serum combined with the AMP MD Roller is 500 times more effective at reducing the signs of aging. TAKE THAT!

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Amp Roller combined with Redefine OR Reverse regimen will give your skin the 1. 2 punch to Father Time! mknight1.myrandf.com

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists Amp Roller combined with Redefine OR Reverse regimen will give you amazing results! If you've thought about trying R+F, now is the time! You won't regret the awesome skin that awaits you!