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21 LED Rechargeable Hula Hoop

Glow Stick Hula Hoop

Neon LED Hula Hoop - Love this!! Christmas this year is going to be rainbow!

Neon LED hula hoop, by MoodHoops.com

Hula hooping has never gotten old. In fact, it's only gotten cooler. Go to your full moon party rockin' the Moodhoops Neon LED Hoop and let 'er rip in the dark.

Picture of Hula hoop, UK style

Hula Hoop, UK Style

Here is how to make a hula hoop using components you can buy in the UK. I've been making hula hoops for about two and a half years.

LED Hula Hoop

I would really love one of these, I've been practicing getting better at hula hooping because frankly, even adults have to do things just for the heck of it from time to time.

LED Hula Hoop

DIY light up LED hula hoop! Swirling light show. So perfect for Burning Man.

❤•❦•:*´ℱ̥̮̐̇ศ̪Ᏸb̥̈ự̥̗̱ʆ̗̀σ̆͌Ⴎ̰̫̈́̚ʂ̆̎ Ḩσσ℘ ʄ¡ʄҽ`*:•❦•❤   Frosted Polypro Hoops!

Items similar to Candy Frosted Polypro Hoop Collection, made to order, push-button coil down, some colors will glow under UV on Etsy

LED hula hoop...I NEED to learn to make these!!!

We love hooping! We love hoopers! Submit your stuff! Share the love! Please keep in mind that when.