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The best sports shots ever

muhammad ali sonny liston | The best sports shots ever | Son of GeekTalk

6 mistakes you’re probably making in boxing class (and how to fix them)

Christa Di Paolo, creator of Equinox boxing workout The Cut, on how to have an injury-free (and way more effective) boxing and kicking workout.

Vintage Leather Punching Bag

(Open with Mia) She had sprinted to the training room before she broke down. She just....she couldn't deal with anything. The pain too intense as the image of Ollie falling off the building was fresh in her mind. She had filled the headmistress in on what happened. There was nothing more Mia could do but vent her hurt, pain and anger out on a punching bag.

Joe Lipp President of Lipp LLC

#Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of #strength…

Girls Boxing Cardio Guide - Boxing Training Ideas

Girls Boxing Guide - Boxing Cardio Training Ideas - Yeah, Just leave all that hair free and in ya face, in ya eyes while you're trying to kicka**......