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Thank you God, people cant hear what I think quotes god religion religion quotes god quotes god is good

Thank you God, people can't hear what I think. But I'm pretty sure they can read it on my face!

I need a crown. (Or maybe a tiara?)

My dentist told me I need a crown. I was like I KNOW, RIGHT? {i know u will appreciate the dentist humor} ;

Runcrastination - Having a long list of things to do, and going for a 5 mile run instead of doing any of it.

Be Healthy quotes Illustration Description Runcrastination – Having a long list of things to do, and going for a 5 mile run instead of doing any of it.

Karma is one of those words that have launched into our English language  with a vengeance. Mostly people take it in a new age sense, as cosmic  payback.

Why What Goes Around Doesn't Always Come Around, and Maybe Something Better

Dear karma I have a list of people you missed. And you will definitely get your karma for all the things you have done and said. And your karma is gonna be twice as bad!

It's not over tonight Just give me one more chance to make it right I may not make it through the night I won't go home without you  The taste of her breath, I'll never get over And the noises that she made kept me awake The weight of the things that remain unspoken Built up so much, it crushed us every day  MAROON 5 - WON'T GO HOME WITHOUT YOU

Every night she cries herself to sleep wondering why does this happen to me? She will be loved - Maroon 5

True .....I guess not only for me but for everyone

"I smile all day long at work and around people but when I'm alone I cry all the time will i ever be happy again". Ohh I used to feel and wonder exactly the same, and yes, life gets better in the end.

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It's ok to be a glowstick; sometimes we need to break befor we shine -Kian Lately {( Guess I'm a glowstick

I fully trust into him .

Nothing can stand against our God. Whatever you face in life, if you will just hold your peace and remain at rest, God promises He will fight your battles. An amazing God !

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it's getting funny!!

I call that "slaphappy." You get so tired, that you are to the point of being dazed and goofy and weird, all at the same time.

Isaiah 41:10,13

Don&amp t panic. I&amp m with you. There&amp s no need to fear. I&amp ll give you strength. I&amp ll help you. I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I am not letting go.