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Infrared Photography Transforms Central Park into Surreal Wonderland

Photographer Paolo Pettigiani uses infrared photography to transform the lush green trees and grass of Central Park into milky, cotton candy pinks.

3 Tips for Shooting with Post-Processing in Mind

Yes! These are such great reminders and habits to create for photographers via

Wow! These truly are some of the BEST photography tutorials. So many photography tips and tricks! I can't wait to read more!

4 Simple Ways to Get a Blurry Background in Your Photos

Want beautiful blurry backgrounds in your phots? Read easy ways to get blurry backgrounds here! (+ a fun video tutorial!)

Clouded Leopards Babies in the Belgian Zoo

sooo cute LEOPARD BABY #Le photographe Yves Herman, de l’agence Reuters, a été le premier à tirer le portraits de deux nouveaux-nés léopards au Olmense Zoo, à Olmen…

Stephanie Jung and her amazing multiple exposure photos in Japan.

Whether you want to make prints of your paintings, share your work online or simply keep a record of a picture before you sell it, it is important to know how to take a professional photograph of a painting, as Scott Burdick explains.