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#LIGHTNING hitting the water during crazy #MyrtleBeach storm. http://bit.ly/1VEThbB  #SouthCarolina via @FenwayClark

#StormHour on

#LIGHTNING hitting the water during crazy #MyrtleBeach storm. http://bit.ly/1VEThbB #SouthCarolina via @FenwayClark

Nebraska Supercell by Chris Allington

Lightning Thunderstorm Clouds wonderous-world: “ Nebraska Supercell by Chris Allington ”

Freak Me Out, 2007. Darryn Santich

Lightning striking the sea. I used to watch nightly thunderstorms over the Atlantic when I lived at Cape May. lightning storms, lightning and thunderstorms.

Lightning strikes Adriatic sea!

An approaching storm with intense cloud-to-ground lightning strikes over the Adriatic Sea on July 12 2014

Lightning in sunset clouds

Storm on the top of WuTong Mountain of ShenZhen, China Trippy. Amazing the things nature can do.

Lightning lights up lady liberty

Lightning lights up lady liberty

Photographer Jay Fine snapped this photo of the Statue of Liberty being struck by lightning after waiting two hours through a blustery storm. Fun fact: Lady Liberty gets hit by lightning about 600 times a year. Who knew?

Spectacular Lightning Photo

She has a need to feel the thunder chase the lightning from the sky watch a storm with all its wonder raging in a lovers eyes. She wants to ride the heat of passion.