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Does anyone know of a kind of reverse Alice in wonderland where she's in wonderland then falls through a portal into New York I think it was a pink picture book

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"Alice in Wonderland" Infographic infographic illustrating Alice in Wonderland! Alice in Wonderland Infographic First published in this fantastical story was all inspired by one ordinary girl named Alice Liddell.

Guaranteed to bring anyone's imagination to life, child or adult. It's an adventure, right? You don't have to make sense of it!

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Fishpond Australia, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Sir Tenniel (Illustrated ) Lewis Carroll. Buy Books online: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, ISBN Sir Tenniel (Illustrated by) Lewis Carroll

Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll  (this is the Alice Lewis Carroll based his 'alice in wonderland' books on)

Lewis Carroll Kissing Alice-----Someone said this was a photoshop; I'm trying to find single photos with their hands the same. I did find the original photo; pinned to my Photoshop board.