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I want a ghost to blow me, like in Ghostbusters

A Ukranian-born actress is scaring up lots of publicity after making this outrageous claim: She's had sex with a ghost -- twice. Natasha Blasick made the spirited confession Tuesday morning on British TV show This Morning and said she found the ex.

It's Tuesday friggin morning, Satan!<<< tuesdays are the source of all evil. And heat of the moment.<---I got that reference.

Why does the turn from beautiful to heart-breaking :'( It's getting harder for me to convince people that I don't ship Johnlock when I pin stuff like this, but this is so amazingly written I couldn't pass it over.

A raccoon rolling down a hallway.  Why?  Because a raccoon rolling down a hallway, that's why.

arelyhepburn: This is the best gif you’ll ever see (stunner ☆)

WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW. (It's a pet raccoon rolling down the hallway. A pet raccoon? Why would you have a pet raccoon?

how i start off my tuesday morning... reading who's line is it anyway quotes

Lol - KWEJK.pl

Whose line is it anyway. Things you can say to your dog but not your girlfriend--I love these guys.

Cop Trying to Kill the Family Dog, Kills Woman Instead, In Front of her Husband and 4-year-old Son

Startled By Dog, Police Officer Accidentally Shoots And Kills Woman In Front Of Her Son And Husband

12 Struggles All Night Shift Workers Understand

12 Struggles All Night Shift Workers Understand

Good morning Tuesday; please don't try to outdo Monday; just be yourself.

Unknown photographer, Portrait of three women, century / The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the Unconscious (Aperture, by W. Hunt via La Lettre de la Photographie [reminded me of this mourning photograph]

What Type of Morning Person Are You?   #Sleep #Health #infographic

What Type of Morning Person Are You? #infographic