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It's scary what a smile can hide! Depression Grief Sadness Suicidal overwhelmed alone hopeless anxiety insomnia heartbroken broken heart suicide relationship mentally emotional pain invisible hurt sad

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People making money, selling crap to sufferers.I hope they are at least sufferers themselves, and this is helping them make a living. I'm not trying to be hateful, only thinking about the marketing of pain.

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My while adult life. But I've always got hope and the knowledge that pain has brought me much compassion for those suffering and dying.

Tips For Treating The Symptoms Of Your Arthritis. Arthritis is a very common condition many people have to deal with. Arthritis can begin with minute discomforts, but gradually grow into chronic pain that

It's a coping mechanism! Nobody really wants to know the truth. You can see their attention drifting when you actually start to explain how you really feel

When you live with chronic pain you never tell the truth. When someone asks you how you are or how you feel. You lie and say I'm fine. You lie & say, I'm fine or I'm ok, and smile.

This is why I have the Lord!  I'm on SOLID GROUND with him and not sinking sand.

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