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▶ Mac 101 wrap-up: Panic optional | Macworld

" See What #Google Knows About My Location http://www.businessinsider.com/see-what-google-knows-about-my-location-2014-8 …" #bigbrother

Convenient new app helps you organize your grocery list and share it with anyone using your iPhone....

In an interview with NBC News, Edward Snowden said that the NSA can take over your phone even when it's off. It sounds paranoid, but it's possible. Here's one way to defend your phone against privacy-invading malware. This video gives you step-by-step instructions for booting your iPhone in DFU mode.

The superspying agency is facing lawsuits over surveillance it conducted on just about everyone, and it's being asked to hand over information. But the NSA says it can't, because its system is too complex to stop it from deleting its own data. A judge had ruled that the NSA had to preserve data under Section 702 of the Amendments Act to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Windows 10 mines a lot of data, which isn't inherently bad. But if you want to protect your privacy there are steps you can take....

VIDEO: We've rounded together five hidden features that will help make you an iPhone power user.

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