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Rudy from Doncaster looks ready for his talk show appearance.

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Hahahaha this sounds like how I talk! I add “and shit” to so many things I say which tends to take the meaningfulness out of everything I add it to lol  | followpics.co

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Mi amiga tiene la clase do historia a los ocho y medio de la mañana los lunes y los miércoles. Su clase historia es muy sencilla y tranquila. En clase, ella es muy enfocada.

*History class in 2017 Teacher: And with December that concludes our lesson Students: wait but what about Teacher: we don't talk about 2016 Students: but that was just last year. Teacher: we don't talk about

My life! I don't mean to interrupt people. I just randomly remember things and get really excited!

Why you can't talk about anything in front of kids...

Parenthood: when you kind of vaguely mention something you all maybe might do some hypothetical day and your kids take it as a blood oath.