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Gerudo Zelda and Link

I’ve been wondering why if Ganon can be reborn as a Gerudo, Zelda and Link can’t also be! Or be born as any other race in Hyrule, for that matter. (I know, I know, Zelda has “Hyrule Royal Family.

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Sorry I've been gone so long! Last week was pretty busy, with finals coming up. But, at least I managed to beat my last Divine Beast yesterday!

Vaati Sheikah Concept by Krazy-Chibi on deviantART<<<Please check this persons DA account out if you get the chance, they make really cool art! 30 DAY ZELDA CHALLENGE DAY 3: FAVORITE VILLAIN--Vaati--especially in the Minish Cap.--and suprise! It's not Ghirahim. (although he does come second.) Vaati has a pretty interesting back story, starting out as a Minish and an apprentice to Ezlo, Link's hat. over time though, he grows corrupted by power. all of his boss fights are decently fun, but…

Here, have a messy concept doodle. I guess there's some sort of fan theory that Vaati is somehow connected to the Sheikah (I guess maybe 'cuz of the whole eye thing, but whatever) I think it would .

Traveler's Shield and the Master Sword

homeiswheretheheartsare: “ Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild - Sword and Shield Better then a pot lid! I wanted to draw something simple, boy was I wrong about this.

SS Sheik Redesign by Redundantthoughts on deviantART

redundantz: “ Day 11 - Redesign a character you like Sheik/Zelda but if she got to dress as a sheikah in Skyward Sword!