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I adore you oh so much boy, you don't even have a single clue.

It's a blessing to have someone who can make our hearts lighter, worry a little lesser, just by being understanding. Often times people who are being judgemental have not a single clue what are the problems you might be facing. Pay NO attention to them and that save ourselves a lot of unnecessary worries. Thank them if they show up.

Call me the minimalist (for now, anyway)

I can only imagine how hard a real (i.e.: bad) house fire is to deal with cos tis fair to say I am finding this kitchen disaster hard work! Spending a week living in a soot coated house was.. unple...

If you are single #3

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HAHA!! people are so spoiled and just dont even know it these days! at least admit to it and to the fact that you have it somewhat easy compared to others!

Why is she a strong girl? Because she walks around every day on the verge of tears....