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can-stock-photo_csp7341147.jpg (450×321)

can-stock-photo_csp7341147.jpg (450×321)

Home Decor Print Fabric- Waverly Dressed Up Damask/Poppy $27.49

Waverly Print Fabric 54"-Dressed Up Damask/Poppy

Home Decor Print Fabric- Waverly Dressed Up Damask/PoppyHome Decor Print Fabric- Waverly Dressed Up Damask/Poppy,


Stalasso: Experiments in Structural Columns Formations, CNC milled acrylic by Neri Oxman mimics the formation of minerals to reinforce architecture and industrial design.

The symbol for Dzogchen on a 18th-19th Century Tibetan Buddhist initiation card, used for empowerment training in monasteries.

The symbol of Dzogchen (meaning: "highest perfection") on a Century Tibetan Buddhist initiation card

Mahakala, Tibetan Buddhist Bodhisattva of Wrathful Compassion & Dharma Protector, embroidered silk applique'.

Mahakala Dance Apron Tibet, 1600 - 1699 Collection of Tibet House US source: robert thurston