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What?! I finally found a habit that's good for me?!!

Good thing Im a smart person who loves and drinks coffee!The medical benefits of being addicted to coffee on alzheimer's disease-- I love infographics I love when infographics make me feel better about my addiction.

Know your coffee (different coffee guides)... Knowledge is key to your taste buds' delight!

Know your coffee…

Do you know your coffee? Use this coffee cheat sheet to see how many part of coffee, espresso, steamed milk, or water you need to have for your favorite beverage.

Death Wish coffee: World’s strongest coffee has ’200 per cent’ more caffeine than regular coffee!

Death Wish coffee: World's strongest cuppa

Death Wish Coffee The Worlds Strongest Coffee Fair Trade Organic Whole Bean

International Coffee Day - 29 September 2015 - Writers Write

6 Coffee questions you are too afraid to ask at a coffee shop - I Love Coffee "when you say expresso you are really saying, I'm a moron" haha

Any coffee addicts out there?

Any coffee addicts out there?

espresso latte straight black what does your coffee preference say about your personality! What Your Favourite Coffee Beverage?