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"I have a very highly developed sense of denial.” ~Gwyneth Paltrow~ . #hawaiirehab

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The Organized Home: Ready to make a change?

Let me level with you. You think other moms have it together. They know where the papers for school are, and their kids put things away, their husband helps out and they wake up each day ready to conquer it. And in reality, they don’t. We are all just winging it. Trying our hardest to …

Project Based Learning In Your Classroom. 10 tips to get started, from a PBL guru: Matt, from Digital Divide & Conquer.

Love does not conquer all. What you’re experiencing or what you've experienced in your relationship probably isn’t love; it’s a distorted, twisted version of it. You can’t fix or rescue someone from being abusive, sick, dysfunctional and lost in their own highly distorted reality. In fact, trying to rescue an abuser—particularly if they are a borderline, a narcissist, a histrionic or a sociopath—is akin to trying to rescue to drowning person who’s crying for help and then...

Don't presume you know what someone is feeling let actions and reality tell the story, your best moments are not necessarily perceived the same as others, share your feelings by all means but be careful making statements on how others feel cos it is all a matter of perspective and they just might have a different version to yours

9 Types of Dreams You Have and The Actual Dream Meaning.

so always allow your mind to dress in positivety Julia smith

Best 30 Motivational Images to Inspire You