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2015-1 Puppy Love - The Only Love That Comes Between Us, 8 x 24 Inches, $350 Framed Acrylic on Canvas -Inspired by the theme, Betwixt and Between, for a Muskoka Arts and Crafts Member Show. The idea of a two pair of human feet with a snuggllng bundle of puppy fur between them just tickled my funny bone....Enjoy!

Field of Remembrance, Acrylic on Canvas, 12 x 24 inches, Framed. $400 Cdn Copyright Wendie Donabie 2013

3699 - Muskoka Sunset #7- Lounging Loons at Sunset Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 24 inches, unframed $200 Every Muskoka sunset presents a unique palette of colours. In this painting, Loons swim towards the welcoming shoreline.

3697 - Muskoka Sunset #5 - Mallards at Sunset Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 24 inches, unframed $200 Every Muskoka sunset creates masterpiece of colour and a challenge to capture with paint and brush. In this painting, a group of Mallard Ducks glide in for a landing on the lake.

3698 - Muskoka Sunset #6 - Great Blue Heron at Sunset Acrylic on Canvas 8 x 24 inches, unframed $200 A golden Muskoka sunset warms the heart and soul. In this painting, a Great Blue Heron gracefully skims over the golden water of one of our beautiful lakes.

3712 Rock, Paper, Scissors. Collaboration - It's a Draw Mixed media on Canvas 24 x 12 inches, unframed $250 For the February Members art show at Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge, Muskoka Arts & Crafts, challenged artists with the t

2014-19 Dragonfly #2 SOLD 5 x 7 inches, Unframed Acrylic on canvas This is the second painting in a series of dragonfly paintings. They come in an amazing variety of colours, shapes and sizes.

2015-2 The Red Canoe, Acrylic on Canvas, 8 x 24 inches, Copyright Wendie Donabie SOLD Framed. A well-used canoe is drawn up onto the shore after a quiet morning paddling on the lake. But where are the paddlers? I'll leave that to your imagination.

Big Stamped Stoneware Mug - Pottery Bubble Mug