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Does he think of me too??? Does he miss me like he says or is he telling me what he think I want to hear???

One day it just clicked maybe it was the not so secret kiss behind the car or the random compliments that left me grinning. Or the subtle glances.

"Let me die first or I will die twice."

Habibi 😭😭 I am nothing without YOU. I love you so so much more my beloved ❤️️😭 I miss you so much .

A l y a n n a

I've always explained it like 'I didn't wxpect to be treated well, I just asked not to be abused'.

THIS is me! I keep hoping, praying, feeling...it'll get better...I'll be able to.....then reality crushes me

True story but fuck it.I have been far worse off, far less loved and far more lost. If anything I know I can overcome things because I have had to