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Takao - Kyoto, Japan   Kitayama Mountains

Takao is a lovely village in the Kitayama Mountains northwest of Kyoto.It rivals Kurama and Kibune as the single best daytrip out of Kyoto for nature lovers. by bus.

The Path Of Philosophy Kyoto Northern Higashiyama

The Path of Philosophy is easily one of the most attractive sights in Kyoto – a streamside path lined with blossoming trees and shrubs of every description.

Garden at Keishun-in Subtemple at Myoshin-ji Temple : copyright Damien Douxchamps

Keishu-in Subtemple – image © Damien Douxchamps Intense green in the garden at Keishu-in Subtemple at Myoshin-ji Temple in Northwest Kyoto.

Yoshiminedera Temple, Kyoto, Japan.

Yoshiminedera is a Tendai sect temple located in the mountains south west of central known for its superb autumn leaves and historic, elongated pine tree.

kyoto trail

kyoto trail

Shoboji (Shohoji) Temple, Oharano, Kyoto, Japan.

Oharano: read a guided to the pleasant suburb of Oharano in the south west of Kyoto with a number of pretty temples and shrines including Shojiji (Hana-no-tera) famous for its cherry blossom.

Walkway through Okochi-Sanso Villa garden

Walkway through Okochi-Sanso Villa garden - Inside Kyoto

Kyoto Photo: Pond At Tenju-an Temple

Kyoto Photo: Pond At Tenju-an Temple - Inside Kyoto

Hosen-in Temple, Ohara, Kyoto.

Hosen-in Temple in Ohara, north east Kyoto, is known for its exquisite gardens and its bloody ceilings brought from Fushimi Castle.

Kyoto Tower on a summer evening from Shogunzuka Viewpoint - Inside Kyoto

Lost in the blossoms of a Kyoto springtime

Kyoto Photo: Lost In The Blossoms Of A Kyoto Springtime - Inside Kyoto

Puente U Bein, Mandalay, Myanmar

Puente U Bein, Mandalay, Myanmar

Jiva, Uzbekistán

Jiva, Uzbekistán

Ciudad Sagrada de Benarés, India

Ciudad Sagrada de Benarés, India

The Hokusai, Sumida Hokusai Museum in a children's play park, Kamezawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo

The Hokusai Museum in Tokyo's Sumida ward presents the life and works of one of Japan's most famous artists, Katsushika Hokusai in an ultra-modern gallery.