General William Babcock Hazen (September 27, 1830 – January 16, 1887). Ambrose Bierce called him "the best hated man in the army." Served under Generals Buell and Rosecrans, later under General Sherman.

General Sherman on Horseback: General William Tecumseh Sherman on horseback at a Union fort in Atlanta, Georgia, 1864.

General William Babcock Hazen, a stern disciplinarian but valiant soldier fought with the Army of the Cumberland and later with Sherman. He was a close friend of Ambrose Bierce, one of his former staff officers

General William S. Rosecrans assumed command of Buell's forces and renamed it The Army of the Cumberland. via Missouri History Museum.

American Civil War: Union soldiers moving munitions after capturing Fort McAllister, Georgia, after more than a month spent on the March to the Sea, December, 1864.

CDV General Frederick William Lander (December 17, 1821 – March 2, 1862) was a transcontinental United States explorer, general in the Union Army during the American Civil War, and a prolific poet.

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