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I really can't appreciate my food if i'm using this effin chopstick, so i give up and use my fork instead !

Like an asian... I want to be Asian so I can avoid those annoying 1-800 numbers....

LIKE AN ASIAN by `yuumei on deviantART << my mom just speaks in a chinese voice but talks in english and the telemarketers hang up.

OH MY GOSH YES WHEN I AM BORED I AM JUST LIKE "OK guys do something comment or somethin' but the world is like dead when I wanna interact

Instagram Post by 'Vince (@suckmykicks)

Ahahahahhahahahah Why am I laughing so hard?, Idk but I can't stop


The 15 Second Kissing Challenge.definitely trying this, I do kiss my hubby everyday even if it's just a goodbye or he's home kiss, but not 15 seconds everyday, I accept the challenge, my hubby is gonna trip out when I tell him;

How To Eat With Chopsticks Infographic

Chopsticks can be challenging when you're not used to them, we've put together this handy guide to help you master them!

Restaurants that got it right. So funny had to tag hectors crew Schoenfeld Passavant j.m Moore Bromley Jacobsen Giles Melott Bellanca Supple Knapp Acacio Close Smith-Leckness Wimberly Harding

so true, barely have room for a pencil by the time you get to college

24 Things That Don't Make Any Sense

Funny pictures about Almost falling from a chair. Oh, and cool pics about Almost falling from a chair. Also, Almost falling from a chair.


The language of the minions is known as minionese. Here is minionese quotes, songs and phrasebook.

A quel point connaissez-vous votre caca ? Nous vous donnons les cartes pour mieux l'analyser !

A quel point connaissez-vous votre caca ? Nous vous donnons les cartes pour mieux l'analyser !

VW Camper Side Car -  how fun!

A Vespa scooter with VW campervan sidecar! I've always wanted to ride in a sidecar, and LOVE VW buses!

There's a picture of me in my high school yearbook at a cross country meet. And this is what I really looked like!

LOL so funny and would be more true if I ran -- besides I have a sister named Daisy who is a bassett hound lolhilarious funny humor lexhaha joking lmfao epichumors haha crazy wacky funnypictures laugh lmao joke jokes silly laughing fun epic photooftheday