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Witty insults from famous people.

Funny pictures about Some of the most epic burns in history. Oh, and cool pics about Some of the most epic burns in history. Also, Some of the most epic burns in history.

Coming this Summer: Jersey Shore Kids, en Espaniol!

First, I thought it was funny because I can't stand Jersey Shore and little Snooki is hilarious. But then I realized it wasn't that funny because this is like a perv's fantasy, thanks Law & Order SVU.

Chuck Norris Jokes | The 50 Best Chuck Norris Facts & Memes (Page 37)

The 50 Funniest Chuck Norris Jokes of All Time

You don't decline Chuck Norris. You don't call Chuck Norris; Chuck Norris calls you.

just kidding. this makes me smile. I am sure it is just a joke.

This is what happens when ridiculous shows like Toddlers and Tiaras become popular. Toddlers that look like hookers!

IT crowd

They're Not For Sale

How not to flirt. I love Moss and I love the IT Crowd - funniest British comedy!

demand time travel

40 Best Protest Signs Of 2012

Hilarious Protest Signs Just Incase You Didn't Get Enough During The Inauguration. Funniest ever. Images for Hilarious Protest Signs