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Charles Collins - Convent Thoughts

Convent Thoughts by Charles Allston Collins, Oil on canvas, son in law of Charles Dickens

William Collins 1

William Collins 1

The fountain of blood icon in a Mexican painting, 18th century (Brooklyn  Museum)  Pistis Sophia - Las revelaciones del Cristo Salvador: [http://pt.scribd.com/doc/165637596/El-Pistis-Sophia-Develado-Por-Samael-Aun-Weor]

Mano Poderosa (The All-Powerful Hand), or Las Cinco Personas (The Five Persons) : Mexican : Free Download & Streaming

Mano Poderosa (The All-Powerful Hand), or Las Cinco Personas (The Five Persons), century. Oil on metal a very, very, very old symbol. this predates christianity by at least several centuries.

Iconography | Tarot Heritage

Iconography | Tarot Heritage

Niue Islands 2011 - $1 - Alfons Mucha Zodiac Series - Virgo - 28.28g LIMITED Silver Coin

Sun in Virgo August 23 - September 23 2013 - Focus on Honesty and the Daily Routine

Virgo, illustration from a 1482 edition of a book by Hyginus.

The Virgo 2015 horoscope predictions: Nothing happens until September, but then a lot of good. Astrological 2015 forecast for the Zodiac sign Virgo - the Maiden. By Swedish author Stefan Stenudd.

Astrology. The Importance of being a Leo person. Leo traits

They are lions, they are the kings or queens of the zodiac. Sometimes tender, sometimes brave, a Leo person is always elegant and a good host.

Astrology - Credo Reference

Astrology - Credo Reference

Zodiac signs art on Pinterest | Astrology, Zodiac and Pisces

Virgo sign, Medieval inspired painting on canvas Virgin and the unicorn - make a deal deal

Хант, Уильям Холмен - Наши Английские берега. Тейт Британ (Лондон)

William Holman Hunt - Our English Coasts, 1852 (`Strayed Sheep') - Tate Britain