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art-of-swords: Halberd with wheel-lock pistolDated: second quarter of the 17th centuryCulture: GermanMeasurements: overall length 213.5cm

An outstanding target carbine by De Petigny, exhibited at the Industrial Exposition in 1839 France, second quarter of the 19th Century - www.Rgrips.com

http://www.samuraiweapons.com/ Samurai always carried a second, shorter sword named a wakizashi. Carrying both of these swords gave the samurai a greater advantage over a swordsman armed with only one sword, as a wakizashi could be used to greater effect in close quarters, often used to deliver the killer blow to the enemy.

A pair of snaphaunce flintlock pistols by Bastiano Giusti. provenance: North Italy dating: second quarter of the 18th Century

A cavalry helmet Northern Italy, second quarter of the 17th Century One piece skull, ribbed at the centre; chanfrin with raisable brim smooth at the border; ventail with large eye slots, ribbed at the centre; beaver with neck-guard provided with a double row of rivets and hemmed outer border; the nape-guard en suite. At the back of the skull are holes for a plume-holder.

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