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Day 22: If you could bring one character to life from a children's movie, who would it be? Peter Pan.

I got Peter Pan! What Disney Movie Hero/Heroine Are You Actually? I'm Peter pan. Fun loving, child-like, and loyal

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Peter Pan...one of my fave Disney movies

This is going to sound crazy, but when I was about 6 or this was my favorite game to play with my Daddy every evening.

Truer words were never spoken.   #Disney  #PeterPan

But I'm warning ya, once you grow up, you can never come back --- Peter Pan

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attention, quote from peter pan. I wish when I say that everyone would do what the lost boys did.

Peter Pan and Wendy Darlingsley

I love how both Walt Disney & the 2003 version kept this scene from the book. I always felt it to be extremely important whenever Wendy & Peter had a moment. Especially this moment.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

This is so unbelievably different from OUAT Pan and Lost Boys. but I love OUAT Pan so much more.