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Off the beaten path in Japan: Kanmangafuchi Abyss

Beautiful places in Nikko, Japan (besides UNESCO sites). Get off the beaten path!

Tokyo Travel Tips: 5 Things You Need In Japan

Tokyo Travel Tips: 5 Things You Need In Japan. What I wish I brought to Japan. -- Japan, Japanese, traveling destinations, trips, guide, tips, help, helpful, things to take

Everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass

"You need to buy the Japan Rail Pass!" Sounds familiar? So many people have been telling me this in preparation for my trip to Japan. But what is a Japan Rail Pass and do you really need it? Find out everything there is to know about the Japan Rail Pass.

First Time in Japan: 11 Things That Surprised Me

Japan is a land of surprises: find out what I wish I'd known before I got there #Japan #travel

10 Tips for Your First Trip to Tokyo

A dizzying blend of the traditional and ultramodern, Tokyo is unlike anywhere you have ever been before. Home to anime, video games, and cutting-edge technology, Japan’s biggest city is full of 24/7 energy. If you want to have your eyes opened and your world rocked, start packing! Here are all the tips you’ll need for your first trip to Tokyo.

How to plan for a vacation in Japan. I went for 1 week to Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara and these are my tips for planning a trip to Japan.

Japan itinerary: How to get the best out of Japan in 10 days

The best things to do in Japan – from the snow monkeys to Kyoto. A full 10-day Japan itinerary with tips and advice for making the most of your Japan trip.

Most Beautiful Places in Japan You Need to Visit (part 1)

A guide to the most beautiful places in Japan. Get a head start on your 2016 vacation destination.

Japan's 5 Best Off-The-Beaten-Path Places

What are the best places in Japan that aren't "touristy" and most people know nothing about? They include beaches, mountains, an ancient forest, and more!