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Cool idea

sexuallyfrustratedfanboy: “ heinouzdavestrider: “ lifehackable: “ More Daily Life Hacks Here! Im legitimately surprised that they posted serious LifeHacks. ” They do actually post a lot of.

Coffee grounds

I wish I would have known this along time ago! This is awesome advice I am trying it next time someone throws up! I might have to have coffee grounds around just for this!

So true....whew! Mine passed!

tattoo decision flowchart - i know some people who didn't use this flow chart!

I wonder if any of this is true..amazingggggg

A few life hacks

Life hacks, well Im going to try the vending machine thing for fun and do some research on the dog thing.

I want some artsy friend of mine to do this to me

Have fun with Watercolor Pastels in this DIY Tattoo for summer. Also check out these Visual Summer Bucket List Ideas for Kids.

I remember back in my day customer service involved human beings talking to one another hack

Life Hacks When calling customer support and getting an automated system, press # over and over again. It forces the system to connect you to a human.

Arm tattoo placement

Erin Wason… Major girl crush and style inspiration! I just love her effortless style

Life Hack #264

1000 Life Hacks If you bought new jeans and they turn your hands blue, you can wash them with a tablespoon of salt to set the dye.

Draw it on your kid's hand for long car rides when their ipads aren't charged :)

Funny pictures about Trampoline hand tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Trampoline hand tattoo. Also, Trampoline hand tattoo.