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Sugar is poison... wish I weren't addicted to it. Thanks to all the manufactures putting it into almost everything. Worse than a cigarette~I was able to quit those!

30-Day No Sugar Challenge

the less you eat sweets, the less you crave them. when you want sugar, your body is literally begging you for protein! SO true I haven't eaten sweets or drank pop in MONTHS and I have no desire to even try them when they're around.

dream it in to a reality

An entry from Be.

when you're struggling, imagine your dream body when you feel like cheating motivation fitness inspiration ;

{ Thinspiration } by tiffany

push yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. i think this one actually got me to do my work out after all, tonight.simple but so true


Reasons to lose weight: to wear a tight shirt and not feel fat. - Yes! No muffin top PLUS I really love this outfit

30 Best Ever Diet Tips and Diet Quotes for Motivation | Dietplan-101.com

30 Best Ever Diet Tips & Quotes for Motivation - Diet Plan 101 If you absolutely love losing weight you actually will appreciate our site!

Fitness Motivational Quotes Sweat More, Bitch Less#motivation #health #fitness

Can I sweat & bitch? Fitness Motivational Quotes Sweat More, Bitch Less