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In the land of milk and honey, it is the flower that is queen. writing by tait by image and white photography photography flowers art.

ಌ●‿✿⁀Rainy Days‿✿⁀●ಌ

Cute Basset Hound with Floppy Ears

"A Touch of Magic" by Steve Collins, via love this pic;

Splish Splash Splatter: Fine Arts Fair Prep (Origami Flowers and Q-tip 3-D Sculptures)

Splish Splash Splatter: Fine Arts Fair Prep (Origami Flowers and Q-tip Sculptures)

k2 We sorted the paper strips, compared the sizes, ordered them from least to greatest, and used patterning.  Whew!  Let me say, it did take the entire hour of art class for these creations, but it was worth it!  You start with an 18" red strip and decrease the size by 1.5" for each color until you end with the pink strip.  Doing this, it causes the paper to bend into that fabulous arc.  You should definitely give this project a try!

Splish Splash Splatter--a REALLY cool site full of all sorts of great art project ideas! Mostly pinning for this cute rainbow project idea.

Charging Elephant in Botswana: Okay so this picture is fantastic, but the first thing I thought was "Who the HELL volunteered to stand in front of a charging elephant so that this could be taken?!"

by Ben Cranke. Photographer Ben Cranke kept his nerve as this African elephant charged him during a trip to the Savuti Game Reserve, Chobe National Park, BotswanaPicture: Ben Cranke/Solent News