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Jones Stephen,.  My Mom's Uncle Steve.

My Mom's Uncle Steve.

General Dwight David Eisenhower  1890 ~ 1969.  He was one of the most important generals of World War Two and one who went on to greater success as president of America from 1953 to 1961.

Artist: Thomas Edgar Stephens 1947 Oil on canvas National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; transfer from the National Gallery of Art; gift of Ailsa Mellon Bruce, 1947

General Erwin Rommel.

Erwin Rommel, The Desert Fox, Field Marshall of the Afrika Korp. He was forced to commit suicide because of his complicity in the plot to kill Hitler.(the best general of and my heroe and one of the best genaral in history)

World War 2. ... Just one cemetery.... So many, so many, many many Americans. And every gravesite represnting a grieving family......

Standing in the grassy sod bordering row upon row of white crosses in an American cemetery, two dungaree-clad Coast Guardsmen pay silent homage to the memory of a fellow Coast Guardsman who lost his life in action in the Ryukyu Islands

Le tigre 007 est piloté par Michael Wittmann, un tankiste, et son équipage testé au combat, qui périra à la fin de la défense de la France en Normandie en 1944.

Tiger 007 is manned by German tank Ace Michael Wittmann and his battle tested crew, who would at the end perish during the defense of France in Normandy

The Malmedy massacre was a war crime in which 84 American prisoners of war were murdered by their German captors during World War II. The massacre was committed on December 17, 1944, by members of Kampfgruppe Peiper (part of the 1st SS Panzer Division), a German combat unit, during the Battle of the Bulge.    The massacre, as well as others committed by the same unit on the same day and following days, was the subject of the Malmedy massacre trial, part of the Dachau Trials of 1946. The…

Bodies of U. officers and soldiers slained by the Nazis after capture near Malmedy, Belgium

Shortly after 9/11 these firemen raised the American Flag.

Thomas E. Franklin (born is an American photographer for The Bergen Record, best known for his photograph Raising the Flag at Ground Zero, which depicts firefighters raising the American flag at the World Trade Center after the September 2001 attacks.

November 9, 1989, Berlin, Germany.  The wall.

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November 1989 - the fall of the Berlin Wall; 2 years after President Reagan's famous speech "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!

Reinforcements on the way towards Normandy in order to protect the fragile American beachhead.

Reinforcements on the way towards Normandy in order to protect the fragile American beachhead.