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Paleo Coconut Oil Hollandaise Sauce. Oh my goodness I've missed hollandaise sauce so much. I hope this tastes as good as I imagine it does.

Paleo Coconut Oil Hollandaise Sauce Against All Grain 3 tablespoons coconut oil, heated to about 95 degrees F min @ 2 med egg yolks 1 tablespoon lemon juice teaspoon salt teaspoon paprika

Paleo Eggs Benedict Recipe www.PaleoCupboard.com

Paleo Eggs Benedict Recipe - Paleo Cupboard Lots of variations for this. You can leave out the biscuit and put the eggs and bacon on sauteed spinach, tomato and/or avacado or even on a crab cake.

Easy Paleo Ghee Hollandaise | stupideasypaleo.com

Easy Paleo Ghee Hollandaise Sauce

Easy Paleo Ghee Hollandaise Sauce Stupid Easy Paleo - Easy Paleo Recipes to Help You Just Eat Real Food

Baked Eggs with Bacon and Power Greens with Paleo Hollandaise Sauce - Danielle Walker's Against All Grain

baked eggs w/ bacon, greens & hollandaise (egg yolks, butter/ghee, lemon juice & paprika)

Avocado Hollandaise Recipe. Better than the real deal and completely healthy. I put it on omelets and it's wonderful with fish. (Food & Wine)

Avocado Hollandaise

Avocado Hollandaise --- Luscious, rich and lemony hollandaise gets completely re-imagined here in a light, supremely creamy puree of avocado, lemon juice and olive oil.

Paleo lemon bars! These look amazing:D +They sound supah easy! Can't wait to make em';)

Ingredients for the crust: 2 cups almond flour cup honey cup melted coconut oil 2 eggs Ingredients for the topping: 6 eggs 1 cup fresh lemon juice cup honey cup coconut oil Dash of salt.Use crust recipe.

Foolproof 2-Minute Hollandaise This works Great! I will no longer fear Eggs Benedict. I made Steak Oscar the other night and this sauce was fantastic. -- Adam

Foolproof 2-Minute Hollandaise

Combine our recipes for foolproof Hollandaise sauce and foolproof poached eggs—along with a toasted, buttered English muffin and ham crisped in butter—and you& got yourself a plate of eggs Benedict, the unrivaled King of brunch dishes.