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Explore Leuven Photo, Town Hall and more!

The astonishing town hall of Leuven. [Photo by @herbertschroer]

"The power of an edit" Hi, its @mariannehope here to inspire again! Sometimes a photo needs no or very little edit. I love it when that happens! Other times you can transform a very ordinary picture or motive into something powerful and interesting. An edit can change the mood in so many ways, intensive colors tend to give happy vibes, b more seriousness i.e. This original motive was a quite ordinary real-life scene in the city of Leuven.

It's a wrap! Thank you Leuven! It has been a great day, we all really enjoyed it. Get ready for a lot of Leuven pictures ;-) and you have untill januari to submit your Leuven pics to the tag #seemyleuven and automatically participate in the SeeMyLeuven competition: the best photos will be in the SeeMyLeuven exhibition in the M Museum spring 2013!!

We had a warm welcome in #Leuven yesterday:) One of the first things we saw when arriving, was our own logo and pictures up on a screen in the centre of the city announcing our #SeeMyLeuven competition! Lets just say it was a pretty nice thing to see To see more about the contest, see earlier posts here on the feed or check out our website. Deadline is Jan. 7th and the winning photos will participate in the exhibition in the #Mmuseum in February 2013

winners from #seemyleuven mobile photography contest, and who each have two pics exhibited at Museum M: . Two left pics: @phellicity Two right pics: @blueboxfever Congrats to you too!!

4 more winners from #seemyleuven mobile photography contest, who have their pics exhibited at Museum M: . TL: @pcerrato74 TR: @o0dianita0o Who both won a special (glass and alu) print from @Pixumde BL: @didierbunkens BR: @mariacaparros Who both won a mini photo album from @keepsy Congrats to you all!!

The church at the Groot Begijnhof in Leuven photographed by @herbertschroer. If you live near Leuven; don't forget about the #SeeMyLeuven workshop on November 7th. Check for more info.

Stay tuned for more information about our next project #SeeMyLeuven in #Belgium. Workshops, competition and exhibition coming:) Picture taken by @mariannehope

Hi all! Have you heard about @hejorama ?? It's an online travel and lifestyle magazine, with travel stories from all over the world. SeeMyCity are collaborating with them and will be posting on their feed for 5 days every time we start/arrange a new project. These days we are posting from our #seemyleuven project, so if you're curious, take a look!! Enjoy your Saturday!!! Pic by @mariannehope

"SeeOurLeuven 3" Our last feature from our #SeeMyLeuven contest. These pics all caught our attention, but didn't quite make it to the exhibition. Taken by: . @o0dianita0o @dominiquep1961 @hanabiskyy @croyable @gradatim @isabelledb @wimhpp @mariacapparros @gradatim @annievercrysse @gradatim @annievercrysse @o0dianita0o @gradatim @lienberden @isabelledb . Again all great photos!! Thank you for participating and for making #Leuven look so good! That was the end of our SeeMyLeuven features.