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Goldfish Varieties: Comet

Did you know there are well over one hundred varieties of goldfish? Learn about various varieties of goldfish as you browse this colorful goldfish gallery.

Demekin Goldfish | Thread: 2013 Goldfish Catalogue

Demekin Goldfish | Thread: 2013 Goldfish Catalogue

File:Goldfish Ranchu 2.jpg

Pets in Portrait paint beautiful detailed oil paintings by Custom Animal Artists that capture the subtle characteristics of the pet you love. Pet Portraits are painted from the photos you provide.

Swim Bladder Disorder refers to issues affecting the swim bladder, rather than a single disease. Affected fish will exhibit problems with buoyancy,

How to Treat a Swim Bladder Disorder in Aquarium Fish

How to Treat aSwim Bladder Disorder in Aquarium Fish: Swim Bladder Symptom

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The ranchu is a hooded variety of fancy goldfish developed in Japan. It is referred to as the "king of goldfish" by the Jap.


Known variants of Oranda include tigerheads, red cap, dragon eyes, pom poms and gooseheads.

Before-after-at the moment 😄

Before-after-at the moment 😄