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The payphone that became a disco: how street furniture is being transformed

Newspaper racks are being used to collect compost, payphones are becoming Wi-Fi hotspots and toilets are turning into cafes as street furniture that has seen its usefulness fade gets reinvented. But do these quirky designs always work?

Parisians carry on shopping as mass graves are exhumed below their feet

An archaeologists at works at the site of eight mass graves found under a store in Paris, Guardian 2 March 2015

2014, May: Family will not rebuild Blue River Cafe again So SAD!!

Public Library Is Abandoning Disputed Plan for Landmark

Architects Mourn Former Folk Art Museum Building

Library Renovation Plan Awaits Word From de Blasio

Electrcity On The Outside Of A Plasma Ball Trick This is the best graphic of what my world is like! This is how my body feels almost all the time. Especially my head, heart and hands. That 'connection' outside the ball? That's what happens when I work with people.

Catelynn Lowell Praises Husband Tyler Baltierra in Throwback Wedding Pic: See Her Beautiful Dress!

Pong turns 40

Deadly shooting at Seattle university

2014 June_A man has died after a gunman shot four people on the campus of Seattle Pacific University. A suspect was taken into custody after a student...