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где весна?

Grumpy Cat Is Not Impressed by TIME’s Photo Shoot

Grumpy Cat is not impressed by the TIME magazine shoot - No way. A CAT made it to TIME magazine? Can I have a TIME photo shoot too?

Just when I thought I'd never find a cat that I could get along with...

What he's thinking: " Im going to beat that nyan cat by tearing up my owners computer. I hate that thing. But then again, what don't I hate"

I don't normally post cat pictures, but this is totally my harumph face.

awwww-cute:  Here, let me help you with your work

“no more homework. play with me!

How Long Will My Cat Live?

What do you mean by "I don't have time to read?" - cat reading the newspaper

heck of a way to get a drink

14 Beautiful Fruit-Infused Waters To Drink Instead Of Soda

Cat getting a drink under the the sink faucet

Of course...cat & mouse!

good kitty, you finally caught a mouse

It's more important what you believe about yourself ...

aww I love the kitty's face expression :)