Oh Finnick...

FAVORITE paragraph in Mockingjay. Finnick will always be my favorite character from The Hunger Games trilogy. Was that even in the movie?

The little things matter

I hate how overlooked this scene is because it shows how human Katniss is and it’s a cute little moment between her and Peeta. No war. No games. Just her and Peeta>>> not only was it cute, it was funny. I was laughing for so long

Hunger Games Problems #23...I do that ALL the time...I wish I lived in District 12,but I don't   :(

Hunger Games Problems :) yep I've done this. btw i,m in district 2 ahahahahha

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1678 people died, and all they care about is the love triangle. Then you realize this also applies to our society too. It's barely a love triangle anyways because Gale is an awful person. People only care because Liam Hemsworth plays him

The Hunger Games text-off....IT'S ON!!!!!

The Hunger Games text-off.IT'S ON! Most of these characters are ones the movies left out. I especially hated that the movies left out Katniss's prep team. They were awesome!

A funny interview with peeta and katniss

Did you picture Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games. Or maybe Josh Hutcherson.

You know you're a Hu - http://pinliterati.com/you-know-youre-a-hu/

You know Katniss didn't have to choose between Peeta and Gale, but you're kind of glad she did. I know this story is about so much more than a love triangle, but peeta and Katniss are amazing!/// it would be Mockingjay Part 2

Well, I guess we could try it out... just see how things go.

Kids test answers - The Hunger Games; a solution to overpopulation.