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Oh!!  Holy mother of...wow...just wow.

How is this motorcycle still on two wheels? Somebody musta photoshopped this one.

dang... now that's some hair!

40 People (And Animals) Who Are Living The Best Life Ever

Amazing Pictures The world's largest afro Aevin Dugas' hair entered the Guinness Book of Records at cm) around. 37 year old social worker from Napoleanville, Louisiana has the world's largest afro.

leaves me speechless

Self Esteem Issues Stupid Human Tags Tattoo Pierce Face Body Rerun

Wow...just wow.

Look at this girls face! Priceless shock because of this guy's skinny jeans!

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(Plumber's Crack Camouflage Shirt) ☯ A bit of light humour for you!

which do you think is the worst? - Imgur

which do you think is the worst?

7 Times Technology Almost Destroyed The World is a scary infographic from Hudman . The impo.