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Clear illustration of why it's so important to make time for talking with our kids! Speak Up! How Words Can Make a Big Difference for Little Kids -- Not Just Cute

Importance of Self-Talk In Kids

As a school psychologist I loved teaching kids about positive self-talk. Now as a parent I am learning to model self-talk for my toddler. Read more about the importance of self-talk in kids.

10 Social Manners for Kids

We love this Social Manners for Children printable. It’s 10 little things that will make a big difference in helping my kids in the etiquette department. #manners #parenting #training

"Babies like him/her become the people the world needs: people with a fire in their bellies and a firm footing in love. Your baby is not “good.” Your baby is perfect. And your baby will change the world."

Talk About School with Your Kids: Questions to Ask

Talking about school with the kids is sometimes like teeth pulling! Some tips and questions to ask your kids after a day at school to get an answer more than "I dunno"

The Talk - First Day of School. This is something I try to teach me boy's. I Love the way she worded it. "Being Kind is Being Brave!"

Happy Family Habit #12: Spend One-on-One Time with Each Child

Tips on how to get quality time with each child - part of a wonderful series of ideas on how to connect with our kids.

Praise is bad for kids, right? But wait -- it's kind of good for them too, right? Confused yet? Here are the facts on how to build kids up the right way!