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Winter break is here! Enjoy your time with family and friends! Happy Hanukkah, etc. Happy New year!


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Crispy wind and crunchy bright red holly berries in the snow crust makes winter special in its way from other seasons - Annoying sometimes with the cold, but SO beautiful - and no heavy flower gardening work was required! A feast for the birds.

Christmas in San Fran

A snowy day in… Istanbul, Turkey! I know it snows in Istanbul, but I always have a hard time picturing it as anything but warm. (via istanbul foto istanbul photo istanbulun resimleri)

Frost and a chilly morning. Staying close to God

Snowflakes or snow crystals form when ice crystals freeze around tiny particles of dust that are in the air, and join together as they fall. Ice crystals that melt as they fall become rain. Ice crystals that form near the ground are called frost.

Charming Winter

"Charming Winter" by Richard T Pranke