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We offer pay as you go software testing services for all size of businesses.

How to improve Return on Investment in Software Quality Testing? Performing software quality testing to catch bugs at every stage of the software product development costs less when compared to find and fix problems after the entire software product is being developed. There is no huge margin of ROI in software testing, if and only if the organization planning to sell testing service which can help providing ROI like outsourced testing.

Infotree Solutions provide software testing services and solutions across the globe. We also offer cloud based test automation services through our testing solution called QlikTest.

Software testing services is expected to grow along with the year 2014, since testing has become a mainstream activity in SDLC.

End-to-End Testing: End-to-End testing just not only corrects the software system under test and verifies its integration with external interfaces as well. Therefore, the name End-to-End. The aim of End-to-End Testing is to workout full production-like scenario. Along with the software system, it also checks batch/data processing from other upstream/downstream systems. End to End Testing is normally performed post functional and system testing.

One of the major challenges in todays market is creating and maintaining a staging environment by software testing service providers. Testing service providers often do not create a staging environment that mimics the production environment of the customers. This is highly risky as failing to create a replica of the actual environment leads to unsuccessful software testing.

Software Testing has come forth as a key activity in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and plays a critical role in production release.

QlikTest lets organizations to write automation test cases/scripts without any technical knowledge. Parallel execution can be performed across cross browser/versions and cross platform with no need of manual intervention to post bugs, Capture all the requirements in terms of audio and video through QlikTest’s unique feature – Test Scenario.

InTrSecT progresses to the Pen Test round of Global Cyberlympics competition 2014.

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