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Move over, Harry: Britain’s most rebellious royal is back. (On TV, that is.) With the return of The Royals to E! on Sunday, hard-partying Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is set to light sparks as she and her twin (William Moseley) seek revenge for King Simon’s murder, while their mother, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), schemes to take back the throne from caddish Cyrus (Jake Maskall).
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Revenge is one of this seasons new fall shows and it's really cool. Basically, a modern day Count of Monte Cristo set in the Hamptons, it's about one girls quest for revenge against those who were involved in the killing of her father. Each week, someone else is in the target of her crosshairs, bringing the viewers along for a great ride. Check it out if you're a fan of suspense dramas or are in the mood for a little payback, revenge style.
2015 December 22nd. 51-year-old actor's crisp white shirt was splattered with blood. Keanu Reeves filming action scenes for sequel John Wick 2 in NYC. dailymail.co.uk 51-year-old actor's crisp white shirt was splattered with blood including a patch which indicated he may have suffered a gun-shot wound.
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If you're in the mood to see Jamie Foxx kicking ass and Leonardo DiCaprio being deliciously evil, watch... Django Unchained (2012)Quentin Tarantino's version of a Spaghetti Western is set in the antebellum Deep South and centers on a slave turned bounty hunter trying to get back to his wife (Kerry Washington). It boasts a killer soundtrack — and one of the most outrageously satisfying revenge scenes in movie history.  #refinery29…
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