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twin engine for motorcycle

The Pilot: artwork for a book published by Design Studio Press.

Concept character with silver/metal armor designed by Jerad S Marantz.

Futuristic, Courir2_bodysuits_wip, Teruyuki and Yuka:

sci fi science fiction armor Robot Suit Digital Illustration mech art Teruyuki and Yuka

Deltic-042 This was the diesel engine design

napier deltic, marine and rail loco engine, took a german design and refined it to a spectacular practical application, the roar the resonance!

Bruce D. Mitchell Conceptual Executioner: Cove-rage, 2004

Perhaps something the barge-railers would wear to protect from the hot fumes under the boiler plate.


v rocketjumper redjuice: Pilot by Bulgarov - Vitaly Bulgarov - CGHUB