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Printable Art "You're My Person" Wall Print Valentine's Gift Gallery Wall Print Dorm Decor Home Decor Art Cute Couples Quote Black and White

***Message me about customizing this item with other colors of thread/fabric*** Who is the chocolate to your vanilla? The cheese to your

Currently in my personal art, I am working on a body of work that involves hybridity of ethnicities, race, styles and cultures. I plan on exploring this topic for the next few years if not for my lifespan, as it is personal to me since I am considered “Mexican” and that culture itself is mestizo (mixed). On the other hand, this is a hot topic in today’s society since so many different ethnicities are breeding, including myself having a daughter of “Mexican” and “Vietnamese” decent. I…

A little Doctor Who fanart to satisfy my personal-art itch before classes start tomorrow. Being back at school is fabulous so far. I love seeing my SCAD friends again! NO SPOILERS, BUT:I've got suc...

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