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#Nubori #Ecuador

#Nubori #Ecuador

10 foods to try on a trip to Ecuador | Travel Addicts

10 Ecuadorian Food Dishes Not To Miss

One important aspect of foreign travel is digging into the local cuisine of a destination. Here are 10 favorite Ecuadorian food dishes not to miss!

ALFAJORES (DULCE DE LECHE SHORTBREAD COOKIES) + VIDEO  Alfajores are very popular in Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, and Brazil. How had I never heard of them before? I will never know, but ever since then I’ve been in love with them. They are basically shortbread cookies that sandwich dulce de leche. They look very fancy but actually are very simple to make.  These cookies are beautiful for a spring brunch, a baby shower, or a wedding. They are so elegant looking.

Alfajores, also known as dulce de leche sandwich cookies, are traditional shortbread cookies with a dulce de leche filling, popular in Spain and throughout Latin America.

Ecuador has some pretty delicious food, and I'm glad I got to try a lot of it.  and the ice cream is awesome.

There are affiliate links in here. It’s exciting, delicious, and adventurous if you choose the right thing. While I was in Ecuador, I got to try weird things, well weird for me.

Llapingachos: Mashed potato cakes stuffed with cheese and cooked on the griddle. Topped with peanut sauce and tomato/onion curtido salsa.

Llapingachos or stuffed potato patties Llapingachos are an Ecuadorian dish of potato patties or thick pancakes stuffed with cheese and cooked on a hot griddle until crispy brown.

Ecuador Recipes Great and Delicious Ecuadorian Food

Ecuador Recipes by cities and regions. Ecuador food is considered to be amongst the most delicious in the world

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Ecuadorian churrasco with menestra bean stew

Achiote and beer marinated grilled steak served with egg on top. Side dishes with Ecuadorian style rice, bean stew, tomato salad, avocado and fried plantains.