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New York-based photographer Howard Schatz captures the diverse range of body types of the World's best athletes. Referring to a body as an athletic build is often thought to be a perfect,

Conservatives against Obama and his liberal adgenda. no longer bush's fault's photo: Love this! This also explains a big problem in Education today! I know! I have been in the trenches!

How to Lose Weight as a Kid. If you want to lose weight as a kid, it's all a matter of focusing on being healthier. You should try to make healthier food choices and exercise more. You can also change your habits and set goals to help.

10 min prenatal abs

10 Minute Prenatal Abs and Core Workout

For future reference: 10 minute ab and core prenatal workout, third trimester, working out for two

Could not stop laughing at this. I think this every time I pass a zumba class at the gym.

thats why I don't do Zumba! Hahaha I definitely feel like the Jim Carrey one when doing Zumba


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