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I will use it next year

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Star Wars Family Tree Poster 12x19 inches (32x49cm)

UK-based artist Joe Stone created a minimalist Star Wars Family Tree illustration that displays assorted types of relationships between characters from the films and television series (here's a lar.

This is almost disturbing. But mostly cool and - well played, Star Wars, well played

Star Wars / Anakin / Luke (Almost makes me like the Prequels. The only Prequels I ACTUALLY like are the Star Wars: Clone Wars episodes.



The Skywalker Family

The Skywalker Family<--Dang, this makes me sad because if things had turned out differently, they could have had this on their wall.

m-just-saying-bemusedybespectacled-samtovourdean-so-heres-our-favorite-adoptive-10158907.png (500×1284)

"Sorry that Obi-Wan wasn't keeping up his moisturizing regimen on Planet Sandy Hell while Bail Organa drinks kale smoothies in the shade!

Check out Kylo Ren's helmet as well as the new stormtroopers from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!