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I feel like a hero! Except Donald Trump is still here. so maybe I didn't save the world after all.

The last one is just so me...   Hehe just kidding! or am I...?

The life story.

so these arent just teen derp they are relate able post too lol except the last one awkward .i can relate to most of these. its funny yet embarassing.

ik I'm just like.... whatever floats your boat...

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

Teenager Post #10578 - "Just a somethin girl, blah blah blah blah blaaah blaaaaah blaahhhhhh GOIN ANYWHERE! DOOOOON'T STOP BELIEVE'IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (UPDATE: Holy-..Woah, that's a lot of repins. This just shows that whatever war we end up fighting, we can still have the knowledge of knowing that everyone can always relate to not knowing the words to selective songs. There you go planet earth, we actually can talk about something beside race and zombies!)

who else does this...

Most songs I listen to, I know all the lyrics. But yes, I can relate to this with some songs, then later I search up the lyrics and bam, done.

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And it's not a nice bday present. Thanks mom and dad.

This is why girls feel bad about their weight..

Today in class a guy called a girl fat She wasnt and we all know he was "kidding" But still.

I didn't clear the description before a reposted this a while ago so whatever it ha here wasn't my words. But now I have changed it sooo that rant that was in here is no longer lol

OMG this happens a the time! My best guy friend is amazing and I wish I could tell him that I have a MAJOR crush on him but I just can't.

Basically have a heart attack everytime

Dropping a shampoo bottle in the shower is a terrifying experience teenager post